Event time: 8:45am - 5:30pm, Friday May 19th

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Daniel Blair – (Georgetown University)
- Oobleck revealed! — Microscopic insights into everyone's favorite fluid

Mehdi Bouzid – (Georgetown University)
- Aging, stiffening and softening of soft solids

Zahra Fakhraai – (University of Pennsylvania)
- Long-Range Correlated Dynamics in Molecular Glasses

Arthi Jayaraman
– (University of Delaware)
- Computational design of thermoresponsive soft materials

Daniel Ou-Yang
– (Lehigh University)
- Noise and fluctuations in a non-equilibrium and non-linear biological system: what can we learn from them?

Jason Rocks
– (University of Pennsylvania)
- Creating function from disorder in mechanical networks